Our Business

Zetta acquires a filtered but broad spectrum of patents, involves and provides incentives (through equity alone) to the authors of the patents and patent attorneys to achieve a successful outcome, and most importantly, puts before customers a packaged portfolio of patents that adds to their business in perpetuity. We have dealt with a broad variety of complex situations, US and international – assignment and management of IP from founders/inventors or investors, start-up wind downs, foreclosure by lender, acquisition via assignment for the benefit of creditors (ABC) or auction, creditor judgment forcing Sheriff auction, and others. We have developed a specific set of products for each of these cases to make the process highly efficient for all parties.

Our Expertise

We have successfully managed, marketed or sold patent portfolios in the following areas:

  • e-commerce
  • smartphone
  • search
  • touchscreen
  • media
  • driverless vehicle
  • rare earth materials
  • semiconductor materials