With Patent Holders

Zetta Research works with Patent Holders (Founders, Inventors, Investors and Lenders) to stabilize, hold, develop and sell their important patent and other IP assets.

  • Patents are assigned into a special purpose holding entity, removing all liens, encumbrances and pressures, providing for a clean assignment chain and making them ready to be acquired at any time when market conditions are most advantageous.
  • You get a significant equity position for ongoing assistance in the development and marketing efforts. Inventors/Founders in particular become part of Zetta’s team to strategically prioritize and respond to patent office actions, file continuations and bring awareness in industry to their availability for acquisition.
  • Zetta injects capital from a fund it manages to pay for holding and further strategic development of the patent portfolio.
  • Zetta receives no management fees for its efforts, instead taking an entirely equity-based position in the venture, aligning its incentives with you to achieve a successful outcome.

With Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorneys play an instrumental role in the ongoing development and management of the patent portfolio.

  • You get to work on portfolios that inspire you, that you may have already been involved in and would hate to see go abandoned or sold for a fraction of their value, and be a key part of Zetta’s team.
  • You receive substantial compensation from the patent holding entity when an acquisition occurs.
  • Compensation that is contingent on the occurrence of an acquisition aligns our interests to focus strategically on development efforts that will likely lead to the best creation of value and a successful outcome.
  • Out of pocket prosecution expenses are covered by capital injected from Zetta’s fund.